The Pie

    While attending a women’s prophetic conference in Kansas City, we were to break up into twos.  A stranger was sitting beside me, and we became partners.  We were to pray for each other, and share what we felt the Lord was saying. 

    Sometimes the Lord speaks in images, rather than words.  As I prayed silently in tongues, I kept seeing a pie with a piece missing!  I heard nothing.  It seemed strange to me, and I asked her if that had any meaning for her.  She immediately burst into tears!   

    She said it had great meaning for her, and she was once again reassured how well the Lord knew her and loved her.  It turned out she had given up a baby for adoption when she was very young.  She had recently made contact with him (as a teenager), and he was coming to live with her.  He was “the piece of the pie that had been missing”!  God is good, and He speaks today!