There were Ants in Bill's Room

     Several years ago, my husband and I went on a Caribbean cruise with my sister and brother-in-law. When we got to Grand Cayman Island, everyone else decided to go snorkeling while I went on a bus tour of the island with a group of strangers.  At one of our stops, the bus broke down and would not start.

     While we were all waiting in the hot sun for help to arrive, I was silently praying. Through many trials and traumas over the years, I've learned to thank the Lord in and for every difficult circumstance, because I trust Him to bring good out of it.  That's just what I was doing as I found the shade of a bush.  I sat down on a narrow concrete ledge that was around it.

     Suddenly, a very strange thought popped into my mind. "There were ants in Bill's room."     (My son, Bill, was a student in college, and there had been ants in his room earlier that year).         I could not imagine why that thought had come to me, but the next thought was to look at the ledge.  I was shocked to see a whole army of red fire ants marching towards me, and they were just a few inches away!  I jumped up immediately, thanking the Lord for alerting me and protecting me.  Just one sting from a fire ant can be very painfu1.  I shudder to think what might have happened to me in "the middle of nowhere” on a strange island, had the Lord not spoken to me as I was praying.  God is good, and He speaks today!