She's Thinking About Committing Suicide

    Many years ago, I was attending a Christian conference at another church.  During the extended worship time, I heard these words in my spirit:  “I want you to go to the restroom and talk to a woman there.  She’s thinking about committing suicide.”

    Silently I said,  “Lord, how will I know who she is?  Please help me know, and tell me what to say.”  It turned out there was only one other woman in the restroom!  This was a very large church, so that surprised me.  

    At first I made small talk with her, as we washed our hands.  Then I said (as I prayed for a holy boldness), “This may seem strange, but I felt the Holy Spirit was telling me there was a woman in here who was thinking about committing suicide, and you’re the only one in here.”  

    The woman looked shocked, and tears came to her eyes.  I suggested we go to a nearby private room, so we wouldn’t be interrupted by others.  I reassured her that God loved her, and knew everything about her, even her thoughts.  I told her He cared about her so much that he even sent a stranger in to talk to her.  

    I asked her if she’d like me to pray with her.  She tearfully said yes.  As I prayed, a scripture came to mind, chapter and verse.  I had no idea what it was.  I looked it up, and asked her if it had any meaning for her.  (Unfortunately, I no longer remember what the scripture was).  She began to cry very, very hard, and said that was the verse that she had written in the front of her Bible when she was a young girl!  She now had no doubt whatsoever that the Lord was intimately acquainted with her!  

    Hugging her, I reassured her that He would help her through the current difficult circumstances in her life, and that He would never leave her nor forsake her.  That is His   promise to every Christian.  She was very reassured, and told me she would never take her    own life, now that she was sure He was always with her.  God is good, and He speaks today!