Call Bob

     One morning several years ago, I was sitting in my bedroom having my quiet time with the Lord.  In the middle of it, the words came to me to "Call Bob.”  Bob was my elderly father-in-law, and I only called him on Thursdays to take him to lunch.  It was Tuesday.  Is this You, Lord?   What am I supposed to say?  "Just ask him how he's doing."

     Reasoning it could do no harm, and he wasn't even likely to be in his apartment anyway,          I called Bob.  I am so glad I did!  Bob was shaking all over when I called.  He was terribly sick, and had called for the emergency nurse to come to his apartment at a retirement community.     He was frightened and shaking so badly, he could not hold the phone.

     My husband and I hurriedly drove over to him, praying on the way.  We saw him safely into the hospital.  He was greatly comforted by our presence.  Though he was not a Christian at the time, I shared with him that God had told me to call.  “He knows everything at all times, Bob, and       He loves you and is watching over you.”  Years later he became a believer. God is good, and    He speaks today!