Tell Ruth I Have Heard Her Cries

     Many years ago, I was getting ready to leave the house.  I don’t even remember if I was praying, but I probably had praise tapes on, since that is my habit.  Walking in the Spirit, and being led by the Holy Spirit, is facilitated by praise and prayer.  For many years, I asked the Lord almost daily to please open my spiritual eyes and ears.    

     Running a little late as I brushed my hair, an unusual “thought” kept coming to me.  It was:  “Call Ruth and tell her I have heard her cries.”  I knew this thought was not from my own mind, since I was in a hurry to leave.  I had not seen or talked to Ruth in over a year, though she had been a good friend in the past.  I had no idea what was happening in her life.

     I reasoned it could not do any harm to quickly call Ruth, and ask if the sentence had any meaning for her.  I was willing to sound foolish, rather than risk possible disobedience.  If it was the Lord, His agenda was more important than mine!  

     Ruth was very surprised to hear from me.  I was amazed to learn that she had been (and was) in severe pain with a problem in her leg!  She said she had been crying out to the Lord day and night.  She was so grateful for the call, and her faith was buoyed.  I was so grateful I’d taken the time out of a busy day to focus on what was important, rather than what seemed urgent in my own life.  Ruth’s pain disappeared some time after that.  God is good, and He speaks today!