Send Her Money

    Years ago, a good friend of mine was on a long missions trip to the Philippines.  She had been on many of them, and we never communicated during that time.  Sometimes she would be gone for a year.  As I was praying in the spirit, her face came to mind.  Then the words “Send her money” came to me.  I had never sent her money before when she was gone.  I asked the Holy Spirit how much we should send.  I actually saw the numbers of a very large amount of money suspended in the air in front of me!

    Next the words came to me that I was to call her and tell her we were sending the money.   This was most unusual!  I told the Lord if that was Him, He’d have to convince my husband!       My husband finally believed my fervent plea that Holy Spirit was telling us to send the money,  and he agreed.  However, he said I would never reach her by phone in the Philippines.  It was already late evening, and there was a major time difference. Even if I got through, he said she probably wouldn’t be home.  I asked the Lord to connect us, if He was indeed telling me to call.

    My friend answered her phone right away!  She was overjoyed to hear we were sending the money.  She had given away the last of her food and milk to orphans.  She had just told her father that the Lord was going to provide for them.  She had been fasting and praying for 3 days.  She was actually on her knees when I called!  Needless to say, I was astonished.  Furthermore, the amount of money I had seen in my spirit was exactly the amount she needed to pay her debts, as well as to buy food and milk!  God is good, and He speaks today!