Leave Your Worries On My Doorstep

     In 1989, I was attending a Bible study taught by our pastor.  We sat in a circle on folding chairs.  After the study, he asked us to silently pray for the person on our left and on our right, and then share our impressions with that person.  When I silently prayed for my friend on the right, I was very surprised and perplexed to hear a secular song repeating over and over in my head!  I reluctantly told her what I was hearing, and that the words that kept coming to me were:  “Tell her she can leave her worries on My doorstep.”

     The words to the song were: 

     “Grab your coat and get your hat, leave your worries on the doorstep.  Life can be so sweet                                                                     on the sunny side of the street.  I used to walk in the shade, with my blues on parade, but I’m not afraid, this rover's crossed over.  If I never had a cent, I’d be rich as Rockefeller, gold dust at my feet, on the sunny side of the street.”

     She seemed very happy with the song and the message about leaving her worries on the Lord’s doorstep.  Little did we know the true meaning of the message.  A couple of weeks later, while she and her husband were on vacation in another state, she died of an unexpected stroke!

     When I talked with her husband, he told me she had been very happy in the days before the vacation, singing the song over and over.  We realized that the Lord had been telling her to get ready to go somewhere (Heaven) with “Grab your coat and get your hat, leave your worries on My doorstep.”  Indeed, life for her was now “so sweet on the sunny side of the street.”  Never again would she walk “in the shade, with her blues on parade.”  She was now not afraid, for indeed she had “crossed over” and was now walking on streets of gold, the “gold dust at my feet”!

     I felt so good that her last days had been happy ones.  God is good, and He speaks today!